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Undated Digital Planner Zodiac Sign Template Kit

$174.00 VAT

This is a Done-for-you Digital Undated Yearly Planner Kit that contains all the Zodiac Signs.

This is a big time saver if you want to make a series with all the zodiac signs. I have done all the work for you.

All my planners come with full commercial rights. That means that you can upload these planners right away and start selling it as your own.

How can you use these Planners?

  • The easy way – Upload it and sell the planner as it is.
  • Or add your own style with clip art and different font – so it gets your own style (it takes more time).
  • There are lots of options to sell your product. It can be on your own website/blog, a Shopify Store, Woocommerce Store, the big marketplace Etsy or in Facebook groups. It all depends on you.
  • To use this done for your planner it’s quite simple and saves you a lot of time.

Why a done for you planner you may ask yourself? First of all, it saves you a lot of time. It’s can be time-consuming to find the right design and learn to work in the different programs to make these planners. Time is Money.

Please Note: that you will receive access to the download files once payment is complete. All products are digital. Nothing will be shipped. All sales are final.

Want a small peak of how the planners look like?

This small presentation you see is for the Zodiac Aquarius – but when you buy a planner with the Zodiac Sign Aquarius or another Zodiac Sign– then all the images belonging to Aquarius are of course replaced with images that belong to the Zodiac Sign you have chosen.
This little Presentation is made so you have an idea of how my planner is built up.

Note: Everything is of course specially made for the planner with the Zodiac Sign you have bought.  Furthermore, The planner contains more pages as shown in this presentation.


INSTANT Download Digital Planners

I have made this planner template kit for people who wants to start their planner journey fast and make a digital planner serie with all the zodiac signs. This is a big time saver. I have been doing all the work for you.

The interactive tabs make it easy for your customer to use and keep them organized! It can´t be more easy.



New Year Reflection & Evaluating your life

Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Planner

Meal & Shopping List

Workout Plan

Budget & Spending Tracker

Focus Plan

Habit Tracker

Action Plan & Action Steps

Goal Planner

Everyday TO Do List

Contact List

Password Tracker

Corona Tracker


My Planner comes with Fully customizable Powerpoint source file & Full commercial License. It can´t be more easy to start making your own planner with a personal touch.