My name is Charlotte

I am the owner of Planyourlife.dk. I live in the capital of Denmark.

My journey for reaching this stage to have my own website planyourlife – where I am selling planners, printable & graphic has been long and I've bought my share of the shiny objects and tried everything from starting my blog to selling on Amazon. It has cost me a lot of money over the years to try out various things and nothing has been what I expected it to be. I have really been suffering from shiny object syndrome.

My hometown Copenhagen

The premier capital of Northern Europe is Scandinavia's most fantastic city and the center of the most dynamic region in Europe, the Øresund Region. The city is one of Europe's oldest capitals with an exclusive royal touch - the monarchy in Denmark is the oldest in the world.

Many visitors come here to enjoy the great food. There are plenty of well-known gourmet restaurants, many nightlife spots with beer gardens and the traditional Danish open-faced sandwiches. I love to live in this city

But something changed in 2021 when I began my journey within making digital planners & printable. I discovered that I was getting happy and could be sitting for 5 – 7 hours without any break – because I was making graphics for my products. In the first place, I thought what makes me happy was designing the planners & printables. Yes, that was some of it – but my real zone of genius was the design part when I was making the graphic for my products.

This new understanding led me to sit down to create products that could help you to make your own graphics in different ways depending of your time and money.

I hope that find what your are looking for – and your are more than welcome to contact me if any questions.