Have a lot of questions?

This page is made – as you probably have a few questions before you press the Buy button. I've tried to answer the most questions I can think of.

If you don´t feel that your questions have been answered - then you are more than welcome to contact me.

Can I sell the private label rights template I buy from you?

You can´t re-sell my private lable rights as a PLR products to your customer - where they can edit and use it as their own product.

If you sell my product to your commercial customers and they can´t edit it and use it as their own. Then the answer is yes.

“In other words, as long as you are selling the final planner in PDF format to an end consumer for PERSONAL USE ONLY, that’s fine!”

Can you edit my private label rights templates ?

Yes, you can - but you can also leave it as it is. It depends of you.

Why should I buy a PLR product?

Why a done for you planner you may ask yourself ? First of all it saves you a lot of time. It´t can be time consuming to find the right design and learn to work in the different programs to make these planners. Time is Money.

What if I don´t like your product or style ?

You can see my style on the presentation - and if you don´t like my presentation and style. Then don´t buy. All my sales is final.

If you have bought - then try to make them your own style to fit your needs and what your customer like.